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They were called colonist.

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English colonists

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they are called seperatists

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Q: What were the people called who came to Jamestown in 1607?
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What date was Jamestown started?

Jamestown was settled in May 1607

What country did the Jamestown settlers come from?

the people that settled in Jamestown came from England in 1607

When did the colonist came to Jamestown and in what year?

The colonist came to Jamestown Virginia in 1607

What country did the people who settled Jamestown come from?

The people who settled Jamestown came from England. Jamestown, established in 1607, was the first permanent English settlement in North America.

What happen in 1607?

In 1607 There were people who came from England and came all the way to Jamestown. Jamestown was a country in North America in Jamestown the English people Worked on houses. Then the English met Indians. These Indians were called Powhatan Indians. At first the Powhatan Indians Attacked Jamestown. Then the Powhatan Indians soon Became friends with the English people and they tought the English people how to grow plants and then the English people tought the Powhatan Indians How To Hunt. Today Life is different then in 1607.

What year did the original settlers come to Jamestown?

The year the original settlers came to Jamestown was 1607

What came first the Protestant Reformation or establishment of Jamestown?

The Reformation did, it began in 1517. Jamestown was founded in 1607.

Who came to Virginia during the colonial times?

The English settled in Jamestown, VA, in 1607.

When was Virginia established a colony?

The first expedition in 1584 dissapeared, and it was assumed that they had been kidnapped or killed by the Native Americans living in the area. But other expeditions survived and Virginia was made a colony in 1607.

Who discover Jamestown when were how?

Jamestown Virginia was discovered by the colonists when they came to America in 1607. They arrived and discovered the land where Jamestown was founded about 40 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

When did people settle in jamestown?

Jamestown was the first British permanent settlement in America. It was settled under a charter from King James in 1607, in the area now known as the US State of Virginia The main purpose of the settlement was to grow and export tobacco.

How many settlers first came to Jamestown?

The settlers of Jamestown was 105 men ,they founded Jamestown in 1607