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My plan would be to get someone who was willing to lead the world in the right direction. Chaos was apparent especially in the south.

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Q: What would be your plan for reconstruction after the civil war?
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What were the three plans for reconstruction after the civil war in 1865?

Lincoln's Reconstruction plan, Johnson's Reconstruction Plan and the Radical Republicans in Congress Reconstrucion plan

What group had the harshest reconstruction plan after civil war?

Andrew Johnson's group had the harshest reconstruction plan after the Civil War. This did not include any protection for people who had been slaves.

Why did Reconstruction succeed during the Civil War?

Reconstruction did not occur during the Civil War. Reconstruction was after the terrible destruction of the war. And reconstruction was not entirely successful, despite what that chapter in the history book tells you. Reconstruction first started with lincolns plan. It failed. Congress then tried a plan, but Lincoln pocket vetoed it. Johnston then tried a plan, but failed, then congress came up with a new plan and suceeded.

What were three reconstruction plans after the Civil war?

Lincolns 10% plan is one

What war did reconstruction era follow?

that would be the civil war

The process of reuniting the nation and rebuilding the southern states after the US Civil War was called what?

The rebuilding of the US after the Civil War was called the "Reconstruction Period".

In attempting to establish a reconstruction policy during and after the Civil War?

Congress and the president disagreed about who had authority to devise a plan of reconstruction.

Where can one find information about the reconstruction after the civil war?

Information about the reconstruction of the States after the American Civil War can be found on a website called Essortment. The local library would also have a selection of books about the Civil War that would have details about the reconstruction efforts.

Whose plan for post-Civil War Reconstruction was the best for Southern whites?

Ulysses S. Grant had the best reconstruction plan for the southern white people. The reconstruction era took place from 1865 to 1877.

Whose reconstruction plan was toughest to the South after the US Civil War?

The reconstruction plans sought by the Radical Republicans were designed to punish the South for the US Civil War. US President Johnson, who battled with the Radicals, had a more lenient plan for reuniting the North and the South.

Which plan was ultimately used for reconstruction after the civil war of 1865 Lincoln's Johnson's or the Radical Republicans?


Presidential reconstruction following the American civil war can best be described as-?

Presidential Reconstruction following the American Civil War can best be described as a desire to rebuild the country quickly and without ill feelings following the war.