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Q: When were the most schools desegregated?
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Is orange county schools desegregated?


When were schools in Monticello Fl desegregated?


Why should schools be desegregated?

Schools should be desegregated to promote diversity, reduce discrimination, and provide equal educational opportunities for all students regardless of their background. Research has shown that desegregated schools can lead to better academic outcomes and preparation for a diverse society.

What did the supreme court decided in 1954?

that segregation in schools was against the constitutionThat there should not be separate schools for black and white studentsThat schools should be desegregated.

Who was the governor who desegregated California public schools?

governor Mendez

How do you use desegregated in a sentence?

"Desegregated" refers to doing away with, or ending, segregation in a school, business, apartment, etc. Here's how it's used: When Bill Clinton attended high school in Little Rock, Arkansas, many schools were still segregated, with black students being forbidden from attending certain all-white schools. But in 1954, the Supreme courts ordered an end to segregation, and gradually, all of the schools in Little Rock were desegregated.

Which best describes desegregation under Nixon's presidency?

Local governments desegregated the majority of schools.

What was the advantage to the NAACP legal in obtaining desegregated law schools?

States were unlikely to want to spend money to make black schools equal.

When was TC Williams desegregated?

TC Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia was desegregated in 1971 when the school system merged three separate high schools into one to comply with federal desegregation laws.

What is the suffix for desegregated?

The suffix for "desegregated" is "-ed".

What president desegregated the Armed Forces in the U.S.?

Dwight D. Eisenhower was president when schools were legally desegregated in 1954. However, this came about due to the Supreme Court decision in Brown vs. Board of Education, not by Presidential order.

What did president eisenhower do after the us supreme court ruled on brown v board of education in 1954?

He ordered schools in Washington, D.C., to be desegregated