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Q: Where should you look to find factual information on the American Civil war?
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Where should you look to find quick information on the American civil war?

c. encyclopedia

Where can one find information about the reconstruction after the civil war?

Information about the reconstruction of the States after the American Civil War can be found on a website called Essortment. The local library would also have a selection of books about the Civil War that would have details about the reconstruction efforts.

How do you use Chronicles?

Chronicles are factual written accounts of historical events or a factual record of important events in history in the order they happened. The chronicles with the civil war details can be helpful when you do a school paper.

Where can I research any information on civil engineering jobs?

This website - icademic - appears to be fairly helpful for people interested in civil engineering jobs. The American Society of Civil Engineers may also be another good place to look for this information.

Should war be capitalized?

No because it is not a proper nou n.

Imagine you were reading a journal written by a woman during the time of the American Civil War. If you wanted to use this as historical evidence you should first find out the writer's point of view.?

Find out more information on the writer

Which type of text would be most appropriate for Scott to gain a broad overview of the factual events leading to the Civil War?

A narrative text would be most appropriate to help Scott gain a broad overview of factual events that led to the Civil War. Narrative text explains a course of events.

Should America process captive terrorists in civil court and prisons?

American should process captive terrorists in criminal court and prisons rather than in civil court. Terrorist are generally criminals rather than civil clients.

What was the purpose of Union Leagues in the South after the Civil War?

To provide information and action plans to help the African American community

Where can one learn more about civil defense?

One can learn more about civil defense on Wikipedia. They have much information on its history, importance and implementation. One can also learn more on the official American Civil Defense Association website.

Where can you find a website on Civil War? is a good site with many links to additional sources or you can use a search engine of your choice to find information on the American Civil War . ~ Look to the related link below .

What was the Spark on the American Civil War?

Yo momma was the spark in the American civil war