Where were US quarters minted?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Quarters have been struck at 5 different mints since the denomination was first issued in 1796:

Philadelphia (no mint mark or "P"): 1796 to the present

Denver ("D") : 1906 to the present

San Francisco ("S") : 1855 to 1954

New Orleans ("O") : 1840 to 1860 and 1891 to 1909

Carson City ("CC") : 1870 to 1878

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Q: Where were US quarters minted?
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Do 2013 US quarters weigh less than 2010 US quarters?

No, 2013 US quarters weigh the same as 2010 US quarters. The weight of a US quarter is 5.67 grams regardless of the year it was minted.

Where are state park quarters minted?

at the US mint

When the US state quarters are fully minted what will the new quarters look like?


What is the value of an 1817 US quarter?

No US quarters were minted in 1817.

When was the first us quarter minted?

The first US quarters were minted in 1796 and carried a portrait of Miss Liberty.

How many 1932S US quarters were minted?

oh, 408,000.

What is value of a 1786 quarter?

The first US quarters were minted in 1796.

How much is a 1933 American quarter?

There were no US quarters minted with that date.

How many 1906 quarters were minted?

In 1906 there were 8,992,435 quarters minted. Philadelphia minted........... 3,656,435 Denver minted ...................3,280,000 New Orleans minted.......... 2,056,000

What is the difference between D quarters and P quarters?

the d quarters were minted in Denver, the p's were minted in Philiadelphia.

Can a quarter be golden?

Golden quarters were never officially minted in the US (I assume you were asking about US coins).

How many quarters were minted in 1990?

The US Mint in Philadelphia struck .............613,792,000 quarters in 1990. The US Mint in Denver struck .....................927,638,181 quarters in 1990. The US Mint in San Francisco struck ...............3,299,559 proof quarters in 1990. Total number of quarters struck in 1990: ..930,938,353