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Q: Which group of moved onto the plains and worked with wild herds and new breeds?
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What group of people was moved onto the plains and worked with wild herds and new breeds?


Do giraffes have emotions?

Giraffes are very social animals. they will often spend time with farmer's herds on the plains of Africa and also associate with many other wild African breeds of animals.

What group of animals are known as herds?

horses and cattle are known as herds

To have meat whenever they wanted it Great Plains people did what?

blocked herds and kept them penned

What type of habitat do cheetahs live on?

they live in the African plains in an area of tall grass and some trees and mostly feed off herds or animals strayed from their herds.

What is a group of gazelles called?

A herd.

The buffalo herds on the Great Plains were decimated by?

The fact is that the immense bison herds of the Great Plains were almost completely decimated by the late 1800s because of indiscriminate hide hunters, who used rifles to kill thousands and thousands of bison for nothing more than their hides.

Is i ttrue Some of the Plains tribes lived in pueblos for protection?

No the plains tribes followed the buffalo herds so they needed the ability to move. They used teepees.

Does a wildebeest lives alone are in group?

, They Live In a group .

What are group horses called?

herds because they are pack animals

What is the name given for a group of cattle?

Cattle gather in herds.

Are the Arapahoe native to Delaware?

No, the Arapahoe were followers of the great buffalo herds and were mostly on the eastern plains of Colorado and Wyoming.