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Indigo was introduced by plantation owner Eliza Lucas.

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Eliza LucaS Pinckney!!!

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Q: Who was the first person to plant indigo in South Carolina?
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Which cash crop was first introduced in South Carolina?

The first cash crop that was introduced to South Carolina was rice. After that was indigo and then tobacco.

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What was the first Battle in South Carolina and when was it?

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The first European to encounter the native tribes was Hernando De Soto. In 1540, he led a mostly fruitless expedition seeking treasure in a rain-soaked region of South Carolina and North Carolina.

The first crop grown in Carolina that brought a profit to the growers was what?

The colony of South Carolina had indigo, and rice, and tobacco, as early cash crops. But, it was cotton that would make the colony a much bigger success and a very wealthy colony.

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charleston,south carolina

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The first settlement in the state of South Carolina was the Province of Carolina. This colony was founded in 1670 by the British.

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the first state to ever vote was Georgia not south Carolina