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The first truly U.S. built clock is attributed to Benjamin Banneker. An early black Mathematician around the year 1753. It had wooden gears and survived for twenty years until destroyed by a fire. until this time, clocks were either made in Europe or the European parts of clocks were finished and assembled in what is now the U.S.

What is amazing is that Banneker had only seen 2 other clocks prior to making his own.

a good link to Benjamin Banneker is:

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In 1656, Christian Huygens, a Dutch scientist, made the first pendulem clock.

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None of the presidents that served for the United States built clocks. The person who built the first working clock was named Benjamin Banneker and he was an inventor.

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A large case clock, commonly called a grandfather clock, built in Boston by John and Thomas Seymour, c. 1795-1805, stands in the northeast portion of the room.

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Q: Who was the first president to build a clock?
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