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The south didnt have a king, but a president. Jefferson Davis was the president of the Confederate States of America.

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Q: Who was the southern king dethroned by end of civil war?
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What was the southern king dethroned by the end of the Civil War?

There was no "king" in the south at any time. Nobility in the United States since 1789 to today is not recognized. The only king in the south is a reference to the dominance of cotton called "king cotton". This is not a person, but a crop.

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Why were there property losses in the south at the end of the civil war?

because of the [[Southern Homestead Act]]

What civil rights leader wanted to end segregation?

Martin Luther King

Who were the leaders of north and south at the end of the civil war?

Martin Luteren King

How the American Civil War was both an end and a beginning of something?

The end of slavery and states rights, and the beginning of racism and southern poverty

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What describes the blockade of southern ports during the civil war?

The blockage was more effective toward the end of the war.

What were the reasons why the union fought in the civil war?

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