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West Virginia was a part of Virginia that was anti-slavery, so they created a border and West Virginia joined the Union.

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Q: Why did West Virginia form during the civil war?
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How was West Virginia found?

during the civil war, the western part of virginia didnt agree with virginias decision to be part of the confederacy and to have slavery. so they broke off from virginia to form their own state of "west virginia", and they joined the union

Why did West Virginia form into a state?

Because of the US Civil War.

What us state was newly form as a result of the civil war?

West Virginia

The two states created when states already existing were divided?

West Virginia and Virginia split during the Civil War. Virginia had already joined the Confederacy. There was an attempt to form a State of Franklin out of North Carolina, but it failed.

When was West Virginia admitted as a state?

West Virginia (WV) became a state on June 20, 1863 under President Lincoln during the Civil War. It was originally part of Virginia and it's southern borders are contoured by rivers and mountains (which is why the border isn't in straight lines like other states).

How was West Virginia formed?

When Virginia seceded from the Union during the Civil War on 17 Aprol 1861, several counties in the northwestern part of the state decided to secede from the state and remain part of the United States. Lincoln declared West Virginia a state in violation of the US Constitution.

Why did VA and WV split?

Abraham Lincoln was the President at the time West Virginia became a state. He, along with the Congress, decided to form the state of Virginia.

Was West Virginia in the Confederacy or not?

West Virginia was a part of Virginia until after the Civil War started, so technically at the start of the war what would become West Virginia was in the Confederacy. However, West Virginia separated itself form Virginia to join the Union as a free state, so West Virginia was aligned with the North after it came to exist as a separate political entity from Virginia.

How many slave states remained in the union?

Depending how you look at it, it is either four (Kentucky, Missouri, Delaware and Maryland) or five. During the Civil War, territories on the western side of Virginia split from that state to form West Virginia. West Virginia sided with the Union.

Who declared West Virginia a state?

no one found West Virgina it was part of Virginia until the civil war. but the western part of Virginia then called Vandalia split cause they didn't want to split from the union but later became a state of the Confederacy

How did the people of western Virginia respond to Virginia is sEcession the union?

because of pirate booty

How did West Virginia get its name?

Prior to the Civil War West Virginia didn't exist. It was a part of Virginia. When the war started the citizens of the western part of the state didn't want to join the Confederacy so they opted to split away and form their own state that would remain on the side of the Union. It was almost named Kanawha but the residents and the Legislature thought better of that idea.