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Because the Americans had enough problems of their own and they didn't want to accept the fact that they had to enter the war.

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Q: Why did many Americans not want to know about the Holocaust?
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Where many people choked to death during the Holocaust?

Impossible to say... why do you want to know this? O_o

How did the world respond to the Holocaust?

While the Holocaust was taking place most of the world did not want to know about it.

How may years did the holocasut go on?

i want to know how many years did the holocaust go on because its for my project

Cars owned by Americans?

Yes, Americans own many cars of all types and sizes. What did you want to know?

Did the Leaders of the Allied Countries know about the Holocaust?

From late 1941 onwards, the Allies were informed - but they didn't want to know about it.

Did the Holocaust affect Nazis?

yes very much, it ruined there lives. they did horrible things to the jews. If you want to know more then read the historical fiction book about the holocaust: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas its sad but just if you want to know more.

Is there any poems from the Holocaust?

There are many poems from the Holocaust, and in fact there are anthologies of poetry from the Holocaust. One collection you might want to look at it is a book called Holocaust Poetry, edited by Hilda Schiff.

How did the world react to the Holocaust?

You don't say when ... During the actual Holocaust 'the world' didn't, on the whole, want to know about it. ___ Self-conscious memorialization of the Holocaust is very recent indeed (mainly dating from the 1990s).

How many people were in the Holocaust altogether?

a few hundred million people were on the three sides of the Holocaust. But you may want to be more specific.

How many African Americans soldiers signed up for the union party?

There is no "union party". So, I am not sure what you want to know.

Why did many Americans want to go to war with british in 1812?

the americans did want to go to war against the british : )

Was the Holocaust a turning point of World War 2?

No, at the time it was considered unimportant. The Allies didn't want to know about it.

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