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Q: Can you run assassin creed on fx 5500 256 mb?
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Can my computer run Assassin's Creed IV?

If your computer meets the minimum system requirements then it will be able to run the Assassin's Creed IV.

Can run assassin's creed with out graphic card?


Is nvidia geforce 7100 graphics good to run assassin's creed?

It runs but so laggy.

Does Assassin's Creed 3 work on Windows 8?

With most setups Windows 8 will run any Assassin's Creed game. If you have trouble like I did you can use the capability settings torun back to an older version.

Can you run assassins creed 3?

Yes.I was play the assassin creed 3.Fps avg 30-40

What is the meaning behind assassin's creed?

Assassin's Creed, by itself, means a set of rules and guidelines (creed) that a highly skilled and deadly warrior (assassin) lives by. The actual plot of the games, though, is that a future corporation called Abstergo designed a machine, the Animus, that can unlock the lives of your ancestors. You follow Desmond Miles who tried to run away from his assassin life, only to be hunted by Abstergo and forced to re live the lives of his past assassin ancestor. The rest would ruin the fun of playing the four Assassin's Creed games. Have fun!

How do you walk instead of run in Assassin's Creed 3?

The speed in which you make your person go depends on how far you are pushing the direction stick.

Is the graphics card nvidia geforce 8400GS excellent for playing games like assassin's creed 2 and Prince of Persia?

No.Prince of Persia(2008) will run and assassins creed 2 on medium settings.

How do you kill and keep running in Assassin's Creed 3?

if its xbox you run at your victim and press x but keep pushing the running button the hole time

In Assassin's creed brotherhood what does the black and white octagon with four squares floating above a group of people mean?

If you're in trouble, or on the run, they intervine for you. They support Etizo's rebuilding Italy, basically. To answer your question, they're Assassin Supporters.

Can fx 5500 run lost planet extreme condition?

No, can't run FX 5500. Beacuse, Lost Planet wanna Shader 3.0 technology. GeForce FX 5500 have Shader 2.0.

Can the core i5 3317u CPU play assassin's creed 3?

Yes it will be able to run the game. Most likely quite well depending on graphics card. Hope this helps!