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No. Croissants are made with a puff pastry dough. You can make butterhorn rolls with bread dough, but they are not the same thing.

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Q: Can you use bread dough to make croissants?
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How do I get loaves of bread on RuneScape?

You make them: -Items Needed- Bucket Of Water Pot Of Flour Fire or cooking stove --------------------------------- What to do: Use bucket of water on pot of flour to make bread dough then use bread dough on fire/stove to make bread.

Can you use bread dough to make poppadoms?

Not in Runescape you can't,no.

How do you make dough on runescape?

Get bread and a jar of water and click 'use' on the water then click on the bread.

Where can you get a loaf of bread on runescape?

Anyone can easily make with ground flour with a bucket of water to make the bread dough and then use the on a range to get the bread.

why would you use a dough divider?

A dough divider helps you divide the dough into equal portions to ensure proper cooking of all the portions.Example so that the bread dough is divided so that each bread roll would bake evenly.

Can you make Irish soda wheaten bread with a bread machine?

Absolutely. If making farls however, only use the bread machine to make the dough then fry the farl as you would normally. For soda bread use a "quick bread" setting on the machine.

What is an dough hook use for?

Usually used for kneading pizza dough, tough cookie dough or kneading bread

What does yeast use to make bread dough rise?

Yeast turns some of the sugar in bread dough into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide fills the bread with a lot of little bubbles. That makes it easy to eat. Without yeast bread would be like eating raw spaghetti.

What gas from the air do the microbes in bread dough use?


What is cooking dough?

cooking dough is made of flour and water it can be made to use bread and other things

What kind of dough do they use for pizza?

Pizza dough...and i am not kidding. Alot of places have their own special recipies for pizza dough. A basic bread dough can be used in its place.

Only way to knead dough is with hands?

You can also use a dough hook on a mixing bowl, or a bread machine.