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Q: Do you lose your good reputation when you switch to evil in AQWorlds?
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When you switch to good in aqworlds does your evil reputation resets?

No it does not

Problem with aqworlds first you were good then you switchd to evil but now you cant switch back to good?

Maybe King Alteon doesn't want you back!

Aqworlds how do you change from evil to good for free?


How can you become good to evil in AQWorlds?

No. You must go to Shadow Fall and click the evil princess, buy contract and you will be evil. You must click switch to evil and if you have contract it should show you -change to evil- I am good before and I try that it work and you must have 100,00 gold to buy it.

In AQWorlds do you lose your evil rep if you join good?


How can you become good to evil in aqworlds without paying?

you can't

How would you know what level in good you are in Aqworlds?

To check your reputation standings (good included), left click your icon ingame and click reputation. A box will then pop up showing your ranks in all your reputations.

What is better good or evil on AQWorlds?

It can be a tough decision but i like evil "fool you cannot kill whats already undead!" -scelpture Well i chose good cuz they always win......

How do you turn evil on adventure queast?

in order to change to evil or good u must first have 100,000 gold then go to either swordhaven or shadowfall talk to the leader eg. Gravelyn then click evil reputation then she/he will tell u buy the contract. once you've bought the contract click the button that says switch to good

Aqworlds storyline good or evil witch is better?

GOOD because it has a bigger better selection of items to buy and most quests are easier. (most items for good and evil about 60 percent or so require membership, ac's, or just good/evil rankings)

Where is portalundead in aqworlds?

chapter 1 then once u finish all the quest you will choose ur path of evil or good

How do you unlock the good shop in adventure quest worlds?

By choosing good instead of evil or you can also buy good reputation with 100,000 gold and become good,to become good you must go to king Alteon and press good reputation.