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GOOD because it has a bigger better selection of items to buy and most quests are easier.

(most items for good and evil about 60 percent or so require membership, ac's, or just good/evil rankings)

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Q: Aqworlds storyline good or evil witch is better?
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What do you do after you killed wolfwing on AQWorlds?

There will be a storyline. If you pick "Convince Wolfwing to join you" you get 2500 rep for good. If you pick "Finish Wolfwing", I think you will get 2500 rep for evil.

Where is dage the evil on aqworlds?

in shadowfall

How do you get evil rank in AQWorlds?

be evil and go to shadowshyeth and talk to gravelyn

Aqworlds how do you change from evil to good for free?


How do you get evil armors in AQW?

By checking the AQWorlds wiki and knowing how to get the "evil" armors.

What is better good or evil on AQWorlds?

It can be a tough decision but i like evil "fool you cannot kill whats already undead!" -scelpture Well i chose good cuz they always win......

Do you lose your good reputation when you switch to evil in AQWorlds?


In AQWorlds do you lose your evil rep if you join good?


When you switch to good in aqworlds does your evil reputation resets?

No it does not

Is scarlet witch good or evil?

Scarlet Witch is a complex character in Marvel comics who has been portrayed as both a hero and a villain at different times. She has struggled with her powers and emotions, leading to periods where she has acted as a villain. Ultimately, Scarlet Witch's alliances and actions depend on the storyline and the context in which she is written.

How can you become good to evil in aqworlds without paying?

you can't

What is aqworlds about?

AQWorlds is an mmorpg in which you are the hero. You may choose to fight for the good side or the evil side, either way you end up fighting against Chaos - Drakath and his 13 Chaos Lords and their 13 Chaos Beasts. The main storyline is the fight against Chaos, but the game is updated every Friday (and sometimes minor updates mid-week) with new events.