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It could if you have an older computer. (more then a few years old)

It takes A LOT of resources like Ram and Processor speed. Mojang the makers of minecraft don't really have a computer spec to go by so the best way to find out is to search online for someone that has a similar computer as your's and see if there's runs ok or not.

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Having Minecraft on your computer is unlikely to slow it downTrying to run Minecraft andseveralother things at once might though

If your computer has little RAm or an older OS or version of Java, Minecraft itself might run slowlyThis can be avoided by changing the video settings to reduce performance

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Q: Does minecraft slow down your laptop or PC?
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How do you get a Minecraft account on a laptop?

The same way you do on a home PC.

How do you play Minecraft on a laptop?

Same as you would on a PC. Download Minecraft from Then run the game with a paid account.

What lap top do you need to play minecraft?

You can play it on any laptop but it runs more smoothly on PC.

Can this PC run The Sims 3?

i think that the sims can run on every PC or laptop......if its really slow its because of the sims... it causes viruses

How can you pass a really good Minecraft profile from a MacBook Laptop with Minecraft Patcher not the full download how can you pass it to a home PC if you don't have internet?

Use a memory stick.

What laptop can run Minecraft?

You can run minecraft on any laptop thats new nowadays, for $300 you can definately get a laptop that runs minecraft.

Can internet games slow a PC down?

it depends on how big is the internet game but yes they can slow it.

How do you place a block in Minecraft PC?

To place a block in Minecraft, just right click. Hold down left click to break it.

How much does Minecraft for PC cost?

Minecraft for the PC costs 26.95.

Does it cost to play Minecraft on PC?

yes it does you have to buy minecraft PC

Where can you get Minecraft for PC?

The PC version is purchased exclusively from the Minecraft website.

Why does your PC take so long to connect to the internet?

Your PC could have a slow processor. The processor speed on your computer will slow down how fast your computer operates.