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you dont.

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Q: How can you stop a space ship batterys going flat?
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What do your space ship need to look like going into space?

You can design your space ship how ever you want to fly it. Do whatever you want!

How do you know that going to space is real?

because you can take a space ship/a rocket and fly/go up there.

Is space ship a misnomer?

Space ship is a misnomer because it goes into space but it's not a ship.

How do you go to space on poptropica?

by going to astro knights and enter the number in the ship and fly to the moon and build a ship and fly around finding planets.

How much are Pandora batterys? sells them for $12 that's where i got mine works great, they also ship free and accept paypal =D

Where is the build your own space ship stand on astro-nights on poptropica?

well you have to go on the moon and their you will see a big flat area and then their is an alian right next to it,talk to him and he will tell you to go see their leader or something like that then you go talk to him and then the alian will let you build your own space ship.

How do people get to space?

by space ship

How astronauts get to space?

with a space ship

What is a Platform called for getting on and off a ship?

It is the Brow is going from shore to ship. Gangplank is going from ship to ship.

How did Sally Ride get to space?

from a space ship

How do you launch the space ship in poptropca?

wat space ship are you talking about you need to be more spicific

How do you get to the space ship on poptropica?

you go to the roof to get a moving thing to get a cross the lake to get the space ship.