How do you delete your wow account?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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You close your account, you don't delete it. Many times people will stop playing and close the account, coming back later to restart it so Blizzard doesn't delete any accounts. You can delete a character an the main interface (before you play.)

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Q: How do you delete your wow account?
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How do you delete trial in wow?

Delete the folder.

Do you lose all your characters when you upgrade your wow account?

No, you do not lose any characters when you upgrade your account. The only times you lose your characters is if you happen to delete them, or if Blizzard bans your account and deletes them.

How do I delete the account?

Go to your setting press "delete my account" then confirm

How do you delete nimbuzz account?

You can delete your Nimbuzz account can be deleted easily. You can to to your settings to delete. then select the delete account option.

How do you delete account?

It is very easy to delete an account at You will need to log into your account and go to your account info to delete your account.

Can you uninstall a patch of wow?

just delete that patch in your wow client folder

How do you delete a wow patch?

You can just delete the patch file once downloaded and installed by wow. You can not revert wow to a previous version because wow is auto-updating. Every client has the exact same version (for their OS).

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