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you use Microsoft points to downloads songs to buy the song, you have to have Microsoft points, once the song is brought it will automaticly been in your custom songs setlist

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I don't think you install the game. At the moment, you have to go into the store and physically buy the disc. Then you insert the game and follow instructions in the instruction booklet.

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Q: How do you download songs of xbox live onto guitar hero?
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Can you download songs on guitar hero 4 for the xbox 360 like you can with Guitar Hero 3?

If by guitar hero 4 you mean world tour the answer is yes. go into the xbox live marketplace and look around.

How do you download songs for Guitar Hero on Xbox360?

You have to have Microsoft points... Go into Xbox Live Arcade, in downloads look for guitar hero.... There are bundles for GH2 and GH3. Some are single songs and I think they are 200 points and there are bundles of 3 songs for 500 points. There are a couple of freebies too.

Download songs on Guitar Hero 3?

you can but not for the wii or ps2 versions

Can you play the Halo 2 theme song in guitar hero2 by Steve vai for PS2?

No, unless your a hacker, you cannot. Guitar Hero II only has Downloadable songs from Guitar Hero (1), & it is only for the 360. The PS2 is unable to download, well DLC, at least for Guitar Hero. If you do have Guitar Hero III for the PS3 or 360, the theme is downloadable off the store (I have a Wii, Version, don't ask me), and I beliveve it is FREE!

How do you make songs on Guitar Hero 3?

download the songs on a song list when you enter the game list search for the letter G and find any guitar hero category you can find world tour 1 2 or 3 4 5 or 6 and you have to be a xbox live membership and find whatever song you want.

How do you download a guitar hero 3 song for Xbox 360 without using the Xbox store?

You Cannot download any songs including Gh3 without having live access and going to the marketplace (Store)

How do you get live and learn on Guitar Hero 3?

You would have to download it from the internet, Xbox only though.

How do you download songs into Guitar Hero III?

You need to go out and purchas a memory coding stick and you plug that into your computer and than go onto and downoad songs you want from there and put those songs onto the memory coding stick and than plug the stick into the guitar puporse plug than you select the harddrive digital memory files and adrice the flies into the game.

How do you get Bullet for My Valentine songs on Guitar Hero 3?

You can only get them in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, im not sure about playstation 3, but in xbox 360, you need the xbox 360 live and then you can download them.

How can you download you three kings for Guitar Hero 3 on xbox 360?

To download We Three Kings, go to the Xbox Live section of Guitar Hero 3, choose downloadable content, and scroll down to the We Three Kings download. Happy failing on Expert!

Will you be able to put custom songs on Guitar Hero 3?

"No, in guitar hero 2 it was a glitch which people found out. In guitar hero 3, they fixed it. Guitar Hero 3 and Guitar Hero: World Tour have Downloadable content on the PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE." Well, there are some possibilities on adding custom songs to Wii version of GH. You can also use it to customize GHWT, GHM, and on. - well... i hve metallica for wii, and there is a place where i can download sum songs, but they're made by other ppl, and can't be tht long, like i downloaded mini version of through the fire and flames - my email is*

How do you get on xbox live from Guitar Hero 2?

There is no Xbox Live multiplayer for Guitar Hero 2. But you should still be able to sign into live if you have all of the updates for Guitar Hero 2.