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i think u cant get that much mii in your plaza

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Q: How do you get 9999999 mii on the 3DS plaza?
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How do you get miis in mii plaza for 3ds?

just make a mii and go to the plaza and choose the one you want to be the main mii!

Why am i receiving a mii from a 3ds which is not that 3ds's mii?

The 3DS' 'main' mii is used on the friends list and Letterbox for example, but you can specify a different one for the streetpass games on the Mii plaza.

What do you do on your 3DS if you don't have any miis in mii plaza?

Mii Plaza is for Streetpass content. When you pass by another person with a 3DS, the two systems will exchange data, and their Miis will show up at the plaza. Each Mii can be used to play the Mii plaza games, 'Puzzle Swap' is the default game, though more can be purchased.

How do you get find mii?

Find Mii/Streetpass Quest (depending on the region you are in) are installed onto a 3DS by default, they're part of the Mii Plaza.

What is the Mii Maker about on the Nintendo 3Ds?

It lets you make a Mii, which is a little animated character used in various other places on the 3DS, such as the Mii Plaza games, your friends list, Letter Box, etc.

When did StreetPass Mii Plaza happen?

StreetPass Mii Plaza happened in 2011.

Which is better DSI or 3DS?

3DS is better. It has Mii Plaza and Mii maker. Its in 3D. It has face raiders, will have pokedex 3d, camera setting upgraded, game memos, ect. Also, theres a 3ds game called Super Pokemon Scarmble i think its called. it will come out one day. Better get it when it comes out

What are the coins steps on a 3ds for?

For getting extra options in games (like in Augumented Reality) or for StreetPass Mii Plaza for carrying on the game(s).

Why does your Nintendo 3DS have a green notification LED that permanently lights?

The green light means you encountered someone through the streetpass and you need to visit the mii plaza to make it stop -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep in mind it can also mean that there's NOT a person in the mii plaza; the 3ds simply faultily puts a green light on, sometimes. It should go away after an hour or 2?

When was StreetPass Mii Plaza created?

StreetPass Mii Plaza was created on 2011-02-26.

How do you make miis' on mii plaza?

Turn on your 3DS, select mii maker, and select create new mii and select either start from scratch or create from photo. (I personally prefer start from scratch) Then pick the gender (male or female) and you're ready to go!

What are some things you can activate for streetpass?

Some things I know are: Streetpass Mii Plaza, Super Mario 3D Land, Swapnote, and the Nintendo 3DS Sound