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Islands are released each year, and there are a few ad-games per month, mostly for the younger players.

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Q: How do you get another mission after you finish Poptropica?
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How can you wen at Poptropica?

You have to complete the missions and get medallions to finish an island's mission.

Where is scarecrow on Poptropica?

he's at the haunted house in the ghouls gala when you finish the haunted house mission in the store.

How do you get lazerglasses in Poptropica?

finish spy island with another person's help

How do you make 2charecters on Poptropica?

you just have to finish all of poptropica with your first person and then pick another person,username,and passsword.

How do you get the medal in 24 carrot island on poptropica?

When you finish the mission, go to the mayor and he'll give you the medallion. He has a black hat.

What can you do on Poptropica when you finish?

When you finish poptropica just wait for the next island to come then you are not finished

How much money do you get if you finish a mission on Poptropica?

For completing a regular Island, a player receives 100 Poptropica Credits for use in the Poptropica Store. For Haunted House (free in the store), the award is 50 credits.

Where is the mission in poptropica?

the mission is on spy island

I forgot ato collect the pieces of paper on counterfeit island in poptropica so how do I finish the mission?

well, for starters that was very stupid. you have to retrace your steps.

When will the LEGO mission in Poptropica be back?

Unless Poptropica has a new contract with Lego, the mission will not be available.

What do you do after you finish the Mech on Poptropica?


How do you finish mytholegy island?

How do you finish Mythology island on poptropica the game