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ok you have to buy live for 8 bucks a month or 50 bucks a year. then you go to matchmakeing and sign in. then you click start matchmakeing. you can also chose if you want slayer or team slayer or even CTF (capture the flag)

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16y ago
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you have to get xbox live and then connect it then you go into matchmaking and search a game

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goto custom games to play a reguler game or goto forge to edit a map with friends. to connect contrellers turn the controller on press a chase etier tempory or a permanet file and wahla!

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You first need to buy Xbox live GOLD. Then go to the main menu and click on matchmaking. After you do that, just select the game you want to play and then play.

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Q: How do you get multiplayer on Halo 3?
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If you buy Halo 3 ODST with Halo 3 the complete multiplayer experience can you download the campaign to it?

You get the Halo 3 ODST campaign and Halo 3 multiplayer. Nothing else.

Does Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST have multiplayer?

yes of course they do

Is halo 3 odst multiplayer is the same as halo 3?

yes only multiplayer has the new map packs but you can get them in the DLC

What skulls on Halo 3 can you get on multiplayer?

you can get all of the skulls on multiplayer. =)

Is halo 3 multiplayer separate from halo 3?

No, the Halo 3 game disk has both the campaign and multiplayer mode on it. What might seen confusing is in Halo: ODST, the game comes with two disks. One disk is for the Halo: ODST game and the second disk is for the Halo 3 multiplayer with all the latest map packs on it such as Mythic

Is halo odst multiplayer compatible with Halo 3?

yes ,if you pre-ordered the ame and got the halo 3 full multiplayer expireance if u use that disc

How do you get money on Halo 3 multiplayer?

There is no money.

How do you get rogue helmet in Halo 3?

you have to have odst and it comes with an halo 3 mythic multiplayer disk and you get it with that

Does Halo 3 odst multiplayer disk count as a Halo 3 mythic disk?


Does Halo 3 odst have falcons in multiplayer?

Falcons? The Falcons on Halo: Reach? No, no it does not.

Can you you make a map on Halo 3 odst?

i am VERY sorry to inform you of this, but you cant. in halo 3, halo reach, and halo 3: complete multiplayer experience you can.

Halo 4 multiplayer?

There is multiplayer in halo 4