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In Mortal Kombat 9, she doesn't have one

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Q: How do you get skarlets 2nd costume from Mortal Kombat 10?
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by upgrading s&w m500 by its full upgrades...if you beat the game in veteran your UPGRADED S&W M500 will unlock HandCannon... Once you upgrade this weapon you will unlock Chris Warrior Costume 2nd Image...

What costume for a female can be easily modified to use the following year so it looks different?

Female costumes are really easy to modify for another use by adding a small twist to the character. For example, last year's cat costume can be combined with a halo and a pair of wings and this year you can go as fluffy in heaven. Likewise, it's also fun to make certain characters be zombie-like the 2nd time around.

Do blaze and mokap have fatalities in Mortal Kombat deadly alliance?

Blaze's Fatality, Flaming Cinder Pool: Blaze throws some lava & fireballs at the ground then he disappears, when the opponent is not looking he grabs him/her into the pool. 1st idea in my MK Venegance game how to do it: Up, Left, Jump, Right, Attack 3 Mokap's Filmality: Mokap calls the game designers & he also calls Johnny Cage then he films the character then saves the video of him/her then he kicks the character onto the ground then rips out his/her heart thens smashes it then he breaks his/her neck until they get a neck breaker doom. 2nd idea in my game how to do it: Up, Up, Left, Right, Down, Right, Attack 4