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There isn't a way, it requires skill and strength.

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aim the stick on the edge of the bumper and ballence it down it takes a lot of practice but you will get a lot of points

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Q: How do you knock down all pins in Wii sports?
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How do you get a pin dropper stamp for Wii sports resort?

Bowl a strike or a spare on every throw. A strike is when you knock off all the pins in one go and a spare is when you knock off all the pins in your two throws.

How do you knock another player off the ring in one shot on sword play wii sports resort?

Its impossible.

In Punch Out for the Wii what is champions mode?

it is where you get to fight people and they can knock you down with one punch

Get Wii points on Wii sports?

You cant get Wii Points on Wii Sports

How do you cheat in Wii sports?

There are no cheats for Wii sports

How do you throw a screwball in baseball on wii sports?

You hold down "A" whilst pitching.

Does the Wii motion plus work on Wii sports?

The Wii MotionPlus does not work on the first Wii Sports game, but it does work with Wii Sports Resort which is being released in America on 26 July and in Europe on 24 July. *For me it works on both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort*

How do you slow down the plane on the wii sports resort?

You can't slow down the plane but you can cut the engine by pushing c on the nunchuck and b on the wii remote.

Is there a walk-through for Wii sports on Nintendo Wii?

There is no walk through for wii sports on the Nintendo Wii.

How much is a Wii with Wii sports included?

Wii sports comes free with the wii. The wii is around 120 pounds

Do you get Wii sports with Nintendo Wii in UK?

You will get wii sports with your Nintendo wii you do not get it as an extra game its a practise towards the wii consoles remote and nuchuck etc. however you get a preowned wii you may not get the wii sports with it.

Does the special edition Wii have Wii sports and Wii sports resort on the same disk?