How do you make a staff in oblivion?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The only way to make a staff is through the first quest in the Arcane University. to get to this quest, you must first complete the quests for the mage's guild recommendations, none of which are particularly hard but all tedious. the subsequent quest in the arcane university requires you to get some wood for a staff in a cave that's then apparently filled with necromancers. After that you can make a staff out of that wood and finish the quest.

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Q: How do you make a staff in oblivion?
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How do you use the telekinesis staff in oblivion?

the Telekinesis staff is used to move objects in oblivion. when you have it out you can pick up items from far away or move them farther than you normally would be able to.

Where do you get a cheap staff in oblivion?

to buy the staff shop in the imperial city to find go kill some necromancers

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The "Staff of Worms is held by Mannimarco (The King of Worms) who is located inside of Echo Cave. This cave can be found just west of Bruma. The Staff of Worms is directly related to the "Ambush" and "Confront the King" quest.

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