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which harvest moon game are you talking about??? If you are talking about tree of tranquility then you need to complete all the rainbows. DAREN, BEN, COLLIN, ALAN, EDGE.
i mean all of them!!!!! edge will send you a letter that the mother tree is fully grown. Youll see the harvest goddess and than you can complete the chain events involving your child starting his or her own adventure.

If you are talking about magical melody than you need to collect 100 or 50 musical notes. I believe its 50 but you need 100 to make her go out of the harvest goddess spring. There are different harvest sprites just so you know. And this time there are only three just like in A Wonderful Life and Another Wonderful Life. Those 2 dont have a harvest goddess.

Other Harvest moon games I havent played yet so i Am waiting for the holidays to get more harvest moon games including the ds games. I am waiting for harvest moon Animal parade, Harvest moon sugartown( only if i can get it in english)

( I havent played magical melody yet i just know alot about it.(YouTube is so helpful) i am waiting for it near the holidays) i dont think you need to or want to hear anymore things( you probaly never want to see a computer again this is so long.) SORRY IF YOU DONT!!!!

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Q: How do you release the harvest goddess on harvest moon?
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How do you marry the spring goddess in harvest moon back to nature?

You cannot marry the Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. Your options are Ann, Elli, Mary, Karen, and Popuri. You can marry the Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.

How do you save the harvest goddess in harvest moon DS cute?

To save the harvest goddess all you have to do is get 60 Sprites.

How do you rescue The Harvest Goddess in Harvest Moon?

Which Harvest Moon game? There is more than one Harvest Moon game about saving the Harvest Goddess. Always include the full title. If the game is just "Harvest Moon" add what system the game is for. Because there is more than one game called just Harvest Moon. In Harvest Moon DS all you have to do is find 60 Harvest Sprites.

Can you have normal kids with the goddess on harvest moon ds?

If you marry the Harvest Goddess your child will be perfectly normal.

Is there a version of harvest moon with the special girls?

I know Harvest Moon DS Like: witch princess, harvest goddess...

Do you need to rescue the harvest goddess to marry on harvest moon ds?

Yes you do

Where is the harvest goddess's spring in harvest moon boys and girls?

The Harvest Goddess lives in the waterfall. Stand in the area in front of the mine entrance and toss an item into the waterfall to make the Harvest Goddess appear.

How do you give the harvest goddess presents in Harvest Moon DS?

You throw the gift into the goddess pond, she likes strawberrys the most

What is harvest goddess gift in harvest moon ds cute?

You must rescue 60 Harvest Sprites.

How do you get the Harvest Goddess on Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life?

When do you have a wedding on Harvest Moon DS?

You have to get all 60 sprites and rescue the harvest goddess

How on harvest moon were you have to be a boy what time do i have to meet the harvest goddess at the spring?

exactly 2pm