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Dragon Slayer

Items needed: 3 planks, hammer, 90 steel nails,lobster pot, unfired bowl, piece of silk, good high hitting weapon, wizard's mind bomb, good food for final battle,good armor, 2000 gp

Skills needed: 32 quest points, be able to defeat level 2, 3, 19,24, 25, 43, 82, and 83 dragon.

Suggested:10000 extra gp or bow and arrows or runes

1. Go to Champion's guild south of Varrock.

2.Go inside.

3. Talk to the Guildmaster and ask about rune platebody.

4.He will say he has a friend named Oziach who can help you. He is in Edgeville.

5. Go and talk to Oziach in Edgeville. He is in a small house near the Wilderness border.

6.He will say you are in the guild but are not worthy to be called a 'Hero'.

7. He will tell you to go kill Elvarg on the isle of Crandor to be worthy to be called a Hero.

8. He says you need three map pieces to get there.

9.Go back to the Champion's Guild and talk to the Guildmaster.

10. Speak with the Guildmaster and he will give you the key to Melzar's Maze.

11. Ask all the questions possible to the Guildmaster or you won't be able to progress in the quest.

12. Go to Melzar's Maze. It is south-west of Falador. Be sure to bring the maze key and maybe some food if you are lower level.

13. Get inside and kill zombie rats until you get a red key.

14. Go through the door in the north west corner. Or else.

15. Go up the ladder.

16. You should now be in a room with ghosts. Kill them until you get an orange key.

17. Go through the door that's 2nd from the left. Or else.

18. Go up the ladder.

19. Go kill the skeletons until you get a yellow key.

20. Go through the south-western most door.

21. Follow the corridor to the end.

22. Go down the ladder.

23. Kills ome Zombies until you get a blue key.

24. Go through the northern most door.

25. You will see Melzar the Mad. Kill him even though he says some amusing things.

26. Go through the door leading to the Lesser Demon.

27. Kill the Lesser Demon.

28. Collect the green key.

29. Go through the door.

30. Search the chest and collect you first map piece!

31. Go to the Port Sarim jail. Talk to Wormbrain.

32. Either kill him using ranged or magic. But to collect the piece, you need to use the spell Telekinetic Grab. If you're level 31 magic you can do the spell if you drink an extra Wizard's Mind Bomb from Falador pub. If you're too lazy just but the map piece from him for 10000 gp.

33. From your bank, get the unfired bowl, piece of silk, Wizard's Mind Bomb, and lobster pot.

34. Now, go and speak with the Oracle on Ice Mountain.(North of Falador).

35. After that, go into the Dwarven Mine(south of the Mountain) and use each item on the magic door in the north east area.

36. Enter the room.

37. Search the chest.

38. Voila! Your third map piece!

39. Now go to your bank and take out the hammer, planks, steel nails, and 2000 gp.

40. Go to the end of the Port Sarim docks and talk to Klarense.

41. Talk to him about buying the boat and he wiill sell it to you for 2000 gp. Yay! Setback: It has a big hole in it. Fix the boat and you're done.

42. Use the three map pieces with each other to get a full map.

43. Go to Draynor Village and talk to Ned.

44. Ask him if he can take you to Crandor and he will say 'yes'.

45. He will meet you at the boat. But first go to Lumbridge and talk to the Duke.

46.Talk to the Duke about killing Elvarg and he will give you an anti-dragon shield(ESSENTIAL FOR THE FIGHT)

47.Go to Port Sarim docks and talk to Ned. Be sure to take a one handed weapon and the shield(maybe some food).

48. He will board the ship and so will you. After a cutscene, you will end up on the island and your boat will be wrecked on the rocks, so plan on using your Home Teleport to Lumbridge.

49.Go through all the monsters to the top of the island and into the dungeon. You will be at the north end of the dungeon.

50. Go south and right into the lair. (Uh-Oh).

51. Kill! Use your food and don't mage or range and you should be fine.( He will hit less than 15 on you if you're wearing the dragon shield and you have 40ish defence.

52.After the cutscene, you will have Elvarg's head in your inventory. Now run or teleport away!!!

53. Head back to Edgeville and talk to Oziach for your reward.

Reward: Ability to wear rune platebody and green dragonhide body armor. 18650 Strength XP and 18650 Defence XP.

You're done with the quest!

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There are many thing you have to do to complete Dragon Slayer. Here are full guidelines:

~First you have to talk to the Guild Master in the Champion's Guild south of Varrock.

~Next you have to talk to Oziach, who lives in the cliffs by Edgeville

~Then you have to get the three map pieces.

~The first map piece is in Melzar's Maze, which you can search on the map.

~To complete the maze, you need to kill whatever creatures are in the room. Eventually one will drop a key, which you use to open the doors. * Be careful: there are level 82 lesser demons in there, so make sure you have plenty of food!

~To get the next map piece, you need to talk to the oracle on ice mountain. She will give you a riddle and you will need these items: An unfired bowl, Wizard's mind bomb, a lobster pot, and silk.

*An unfired bowl: I recommend just buying one at the grand exchange.

*Wizard's Mind Bomb: You can buy at the Falador beer shop for 3 coins.

*Lobster Pot: You can buy it in Port Sarim or at the grand exchange.

*Silk: Buy it at the grand Exchange or the silk trader in Al-Kharid.

You will then need to take those items to the Dwarven Mine, go down into it, go south a little and then turn right. you will see a door. Use the items to the door, and open the treasure box to get the map piece.

*Be careful when you're using the Wizard's Mind Bomb to the door that you don't left click on it, because you will drink it and have to get another one. When you are using it to the door, right click and click on "use" in the drop down menu.

~To get the third map piece, you will need to go to the Goblin village and talk to one of the leaders, in the building in the back. They will tell you that Wormbrain has the piece. You can find Wormbrain in the Port Sarim jail. You can either pay him 10,000 coins for the piece, or use range or mage to kill him, and then you will need level 33 magic to use telekinetic grab.

~Once you have all of the map pieces, you will need to get an anti-dragonbreath shield and lots of food.

*24 swordfish or 24 lobsters are recommended

*Make sure you have good armour and a good sword to use on the dragon.

~Next you need to go to Port Sarim and talk to the captain on the dock who is selling the ship. Buy it from him, and then get 3 planks, a hammer, and about 90 steel nails.

~Get on your new ship and go down the ladder. You will see a hole in it. Use one of the planks to it. You will then need to use the other two planks to it, one at a time. When the hole is all patched up, get off of the ship. Talk to the person who sold you the ship about sailing it for you. He will say that he can't, and then you will need to go to the boy on the ship and talk to him about the same thing. He will tell you who to talk to. Then go to Draynor Village, and talk to the captain.

*I forgot what his name is, but there should be a blue quest star where he is.

~It might take a couple of tries to convince him, but he will agree eventually.

~Meet him at the ship, and get on it. Tell him to sail it, and you will reach Crandor.

*Make sure you have your shield, armour, and food!!! You will probably need 30 coins, too

~When you get to Crandor, kill the dragon!

*You might need to ask someone for directions.

~ Make sure to take off the dragon head once he's dead, and then go back to

Port Sarim.

~Go back to Oziach by Edgeville, and show him the dragon head.

*****Reward: 2 quest points, 18,650 strength experience, 18,650 defence experience, and the right to wear rune platebodies!*****

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well for starters i suggest you are combat lvl 45 upwards. you should also be wearing the foloing items below: - rune full helm - rune chain body - rune platelegs - rune kiteshield rune battle axe or rune scimiter Also you will need a anti fire dragon shield. To stop the dragon breathing fire on you. The full rune will cost around 170k. so you should get your mining lvl to about 45. to mine gold ore. you also can get money by cutting down trees. the way i got my money fast is because i done a lot of woodcutting. i got 80k s worth of trees. which is 80 inventorys of oak or a normal tree. when you go to the dragons layre the are zombies and there are zombies that attack you and there are zombies that dont attack you. when you are ready to fight the dragon just climb over the wall. if your magic lvl is high and you can cast the spell that takes you to varrok then take all the the runes that can cast it. so if you are about to die you can teleport. Also you should you have the 20 swordfish or lobsters and a strenght potion. REMEMBER TAKE THE ANTI DRAGON SHIELD AND WIELD IT WHEN YOU COME TO FIGHT THE LVL 83 DRAGON OR THE DARGON WILL KILL YOU INSTANTLY. NOW I WAS LVL 54 WHEN I DONE THE QUEST AND I WAS ALRIGHT WHEN I CAME TO FIGHT THE DRAGON BECAUSE I TOOK GOOD FOOD AND I WAS PREPEARED. I HAD 45 HP AND THE DRAGON HIT ME QUITE A LOT BUT I ATE LOBBIES AND IN THE END WHEN I DEFEATED THE DRAGON I ONLY HAD 30 HP SO AS YOU CAN SEE I WAS VERY PREPARED.

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First you need at least 33 quest points and a combat level of at least 50 to start this quest. Than you go talk the Guild Master in the Champions Guild. Next go talk to Oziach about the rune platemail at a cabin in Edgeville. Once you're done that, go back to the Guild Master to obtain the maze key. Than go to Lumbridge and talk to Duke who is on the second floor so he can give you an anti-dragon shield. Than go to Rimmington and enter Melzar's Maze. Kill all the monsters on each floor to obtain a key to open a door (be careful! The wrong door may take you to the wrong place and you have to start over again). Than when you have reached the final stage, you will have to face a Lesser Demon which contains the first map. Next talk to Oracle which can be found on Ice Mountain, she says you need these certain items to get the second map piece, these items are the following: Wizard's Mind Bomb, Lobster Pot, Unfired bowl, Silk, than go to Dwarven Mines to obtain the second map piece. To get the third one, go to the Port Sarim jail and obtain it from Wormbrain, you can either kill him using magic and get it with telekinetic or trade it for 10k. Next talk to Klarense who is in Port Sarim and buy a boat from him, than fix the boat using 3 planks, 90 steel nails, and a hammer. Next you need to talk to Ned in Draynor so that he can pilot your boat. Prepare your amour and get ready for the battle against the dragon (remember you need your anti-dragon shield) have lobsters for health and wear rune. You soon will reach the island called Crandor to fight the dragon. Once it is dead, cut off the dragons head and bring it back to Oziach and receive your award for completing the quest. Now you are able to wear rune platemail and Green Dragonhide.

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When you have reached 32 Quest Points and can defeat a Level 83 Green Dragon with armour that is usually worse than what you wear. You have to be a member of the Champions Guild In SouthSouthEast of Varrock. Or NorthNorthWest of Lumbridge.

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If you have high magic or high ranged you can go hide behind the rocks in the north west corner of the room and range the dragon with a crossbow and shield or mage him with a staff,wand,etc. until it dies .Be sure to bring a anti dragonbreath shield. If you don't have one you can get one from the duke in lumbridge castle.

Hope this helps

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the hard way is to obtain silverlight , the easy way is to just kill it ( longer time and may cause death. watch out of the wizards!!(hide behind a stone wall) one wizard will escape.

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u cant kill the dragon by range because you must wield the anti-dragon shield. u can either use mage or melee

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Q: How do you start the dragon slayer quest on runescape?
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Which quest have to be done to do dragon slayer?

If you look at the Dragon Slayer quest in your quests tab, it should tell you all the recommendations that you will need, if it doesn't or they are lined out - it means that you are ready to start the quest.

Where is the drawer in draynor village runescape?

the drawer is located in the house, where you start the quest "vampire slayer".

How do you start dragon slayer on runescape?

Speak with the Guildmaster at the Champions' guild. Ask him if you can have a quest. He will tell you to speak with Oziach, who gives the quests to Champions.Quest requirements:Must be able to kill the level 83 Green dragon Elvarg.Must a member of the Champions' Guild (33 Quest Points).

How do you get galinoths quests at Dragon Fable?

Go to Dragesvard and start the quest 'Train Dragon Slayer'. Once you finish the quest you will have to roll a dice. Getting over 70 will give you a scale. Give it to Galaoth and he will give you dragon slayer armor. This will allow you to learn dragon moves which will make you better at dragon slayer missions.

Where do you get some garlic in runescape?

The house where you start the quest Vampire Slayer has some drawers upstairs which contain garlic.

Can you beat dragon slayer from runescape at level thirty-eight?

I would train a little bit more until you are around level 50, before you start doing that quest, train your strength and defence up.

What do you say for the incantation?

In the Demon Slayer Quest on runescape you have to get the incantation for it at the start in Gypsy Aris's tent. She tells you that you need silverlight (the sword) and the incantation.

Where is melzar's key for melzar's maze?

You need to start the dragon slayer quest. To start that quest you need 33 quest points. Speak to the guy in the champions guild either he or a guy called oziach in edgeville will give you the key.

What is the incantation in demon slayer quest in runescape?

This is a quest of which you should be paying attention. The Gypsy at the start of the quest told you the incantation, and the incantation is different for players. ------ However, if you forget the incantation, you may simply talk to the gypsy again and she will remind you of it.

Where do you get the dragon slayer quest on rs?

You start the quest dragonslayer at the champions guild just south-west of varrock. in order to enter the champions guild you must have 32 quest points. for the quest I recommend a combat lvl of 40+ because after all u are fighting a lvl 83 dragon. Also use the anti dragon shield obtained in the quest because if u dont u may die in a matter of seconds and get food like lobsters or higher and at least one strength potion if u need any help with the quest just add allmicro7 on runescape and message me. hope this helped!

How do you start the slayer skill in runescape?

You go to a slayer master, and ask for a slayer task. Then you go kill the creatures that the slayer master asked you to kill. Check the RuneScape manual for information about the different slayer masters.You go to a slayer master, and ask for a slayer task. Then you go kill the creatures that the slayer master asked you to kill. Check the RuneScape manual for information about the different slayer masters.You go to a slayer master, and ask for a slayer task. Then you go kill the creatures that the slayer master asked you to kill. Check the RuneScape manual for information about the different slayer masters.You go to a slayer master, and ask for a slayer task. Then you go kill the creatures that the slayer master asked you to kill. Check the RuneScape manual for information about the different slayer masters.

Where on Free Realms is there a quest you have to complete to get a dragon sword?

not. dragon weapons are for mems. if you are a member there is one called lost city. most of the quest takes place on the non mem area of runescape, in particular the lumbdridge swamp where you start the quest by talking to the warrior. the rest of the quest takes place on entrana, wich is accesable from port sarim. for a better quest guid visit