How do you win at pandemic 2?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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This is how you beat it effectively:

Pick a VIRUS in RELAXED mode. Name it whatever you want. Wait until you have about 20-25 Evolution Points and sell your only Symptom. Also get the "Waterborne" and "Airborne" transmissions. Then just wait and enjoy the sight of your disease spreading like crazy everywhere. (Will take about 3-4 minutes, there's the small battle in the starting region, but once the numbers start climbing, prepare for the mass spread) If you started in Canada, you should be able to get Madagascar easy. After you have most/all regions, raise your infectivity level as high as you can with the Evolution Points you racked up waiting. (Should be about 100-150) Then, when the world starts making a vaccine, add a symptom or two to throw them off and postpone the creation. After you have everyone in the infected regions infected, it's time to start killing them off. Heart Failure, Liver Failure, Kidney Failure, Encephalitis, Hemorrhaging, Pulmonary Edema, and Fever raise the level of death occurring. Hypotoniacan be added for more death, too. If you have all the regions infected, and everyone is infected, they should all die. If you missed one or two, you will get a message saying something like: "Mankind has been able to survive your disease." If you kill all the people, you will get: "Your disease has successfully exterminated all of mankind." (Note: Messages may be wrong, I don't know them off the top of my head.) Also, if you are the kind of person who likes resistances, then here's a bit of information: DON'T GET THEM!!! They are a waste of Evolution Points, and I find it easier to just forget about them. Now, if you start with no resistance at all, then start a new game. The first one is the only one you'll need.

And that's basically the entire game plotted out for you. Any more questions about Pandemic II, just post them on WikiAnswers and I'll answer them when I have spare time.

--The world ends... With Pandemic II!!--

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There are several strategies to win Pandemic 2. This is my strategy, which works very well:

1 - At the beginning of the game, choose the parasite.

2 - Sell all of your starting symptoms. (for example coughing, sneezing, fever)

3 - Leave your game running, and go do something else for about 5-10 minutes.

4 - When you come back to your game, you should have lots of evolution points.

5 - Buy all of the resistance tiers, and transmissions(for example, Heat resistance I and Insect)

6 - Once you have infected most of the world, buy the most deadly symptoms. (For example, heart failure) This will kill everyone eventually

Sometimes, this strategy does not work, because Madagascar doesn't want to get infected. If you don't infect Madagascar, I suggest give up and restart.

Or you could just play the hacked version :)

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I have noticed that the best way to win is to remain undetected as long as possible, and then once the world starts to shut down, you upgrade the lethality.

So I sell my starting symptoms and build up tolerance to heat, cold, and moisture to level four, and getting drugs to level 2 or three depending on what type of disease you are (3 for virus, 2 for parasite).

Next get all of the transmission upgrades, starting with Airborne and Waterborne, then insect and rodent later.

About now, the entire world should be freaking out and shutting everything down. Then you start to pick symptoms that are funny! (and preferably deadly otherwise you are gonna be starring at a red globe for quite awhile...)

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Q: How do you win at pandemic 2?
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