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I Am Not sure, But i do need to know how to Get Parts for a Pagsta Choppa, Thanks, yorkie97203 at Yahoo

You can find carburetor info at the Walbro website. Download the PZ card PDF. It is easy to remove the carburetor on the Pagsta.

Turn the fuel off. Drain the float chamber by turning the lower screw on the right side counterclockwise. Fuel will drain from the port on the left side.

Just uncouple the air intake clamp, disconnect the fuel line at the carburetor using tweezers if necessary. Unscrew the cable from the top and carefully pull the jet needle clear with the cable attached. (You can detached the cable but be careful that the spring does not jump off) Undo the the two screws on the intake manifold. Carburetor is now off.

Next depend on what you want to do. You can pull the idle and main jets for cleaning. The float chamber must be removed. Be careful not to lose the float spindle.

Installing is the reverse of above. Do not forget to close the drain screw.

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Q: How does a carburetor hook up on a johnny pagsta mini harley?
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