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For a year it $59.99. For a month it is $9.99

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i think it cost 20 or 10

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Q: How much money is a gold card for Xbox live?
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What is the Xbox 360 pro's silver card for Xbox live?

A silver card is nothing. It is the gold card that lets you get on Xbox live.

What will you need for Xbox live?

Broadband connection and an Xbox live gold subscription card.

What you need to get for Xbox live?

An Xbox live gold card and a broadband Internet connection.

You have money on your credit card why cant you get xbox live gold?

If you are paying Xbox membership gold on the Xbox, you might need to check if all details are correct. Or just buy one from a game store.

What do you do with your Xbox Live Silver Card to get Xbox Live?

Xbox live Silver is for XBOX Live MarketPlace not for playing LIVE with you're friends that's what is the XBOX LIVE GOLD is.

How do you get your Xbox 360 live to work?

Buy a Gold card Membership.

How do people connect to Xbox live?

Broadband connection, and a gold card.

Is there a xbox live gold card for Halo 3 alone?

Uh, no.

What do you need to buy to get Xbox live?

You need an xbox live gold card and either and ethernet cable or a wireless adapter

Can you connect to Xbox live using only an Xbox live card?

if you have a VALID (meaning hasn't been used) xbox live gold card (this only applies to 360) and a working internet connection, then yes you can. no credit card required.

How do you setup Xbox live on the 360?

First you need to connect your xbox to your PC or laptop. Then test your connection.After if it is successful you will need a credit card or xbox live subscription card for a gold membership.

What should I do to get a Xbox 360?

Have a broadband Internet connection. A Xbox live gold card. And $200-$400!