How much xp is it from 50-60 prayer?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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172409 xp from 50 to 60 or 11494 big bones (f2p) or 2395 (p2p)

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Q: How much xp is it from 50-60 prayer?
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What members quest will give you prayer xp?

Spirits of the Elid will give you a good amount of Prayer xp - Look up others on Rune Hq

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Babydragon bones give 30 prayer xp per bone if you bury it.

You have level 27 prayer and you need 37 4 monkey madness on runescape?

the best way to get your prayer to 37 is to do quest's that either reward xp lamps or actual prayer xp. Or if you are willing to spend money buy dragon bones and bury them, they give you 75xp each bone, or the best way is to buy lots of big bones. another good way to get prayer up is to go to pest control and buy prayer xp with your points.

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How do you get prayer up in runescape quick and how do you swith your prayer books?

How do I get up my prayer quick?: By going to a player owned house with a altar inside it with 2 in-scent burners lit. I advise dragon bones+ to maximize xp/hr.