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It's the game. Cleaning the disc usually fixes it.

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Q: If my GameCube won't read a game is it broken or is the game?
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Your GameCube games wont read on the Wiiwhats wrong?

Maybe you had it turned around, You should have it facing the same way as a regular wii disc should but maybe your gamecube game is just messed up and can't play or maybe you need a gamecube controller.

Will a GameCube game save onto a Wii card?

it will save on either system but wii memory cards wont work on gamecube but gamecube and wii memory cards work on the wii

Can you just buy a wii then shot a GameCube game straight in?

yes you can so dont worry if you did it wont matter

Why wont your blackberry curve read your memory card anymore?

Because it's Broken

Will Madden 2010 be on GameCube?

No it wont i work for gamecube and they dont want to spend the money on that

My xbox slim wont read halo reach forge world and theres not a scratch on it i just got it clean at play n' trade and it wont work it says player cant read contet does that mean my xbox is boke'in?

i have halo reach and it works perfectly, but i also have modern warfare 2 and my 4gb xbox 360 slim wont read it, both my game and my xbox are brand new, so i returned my xbox for another slim and it wont read the disk, so i return the game for another one, still mw2, and it wont read it. so yes the xbox 360 slim is broken, not yours but everybodys

Your sims 3 game for computer wont work what do you do?

Your computer does not meet requirements, or the game might be broken.

Can a Wii memory card save GameCube games?

Yes, but the problem is that if you save the Japanese game AFTER you saved U.S. games, it will delete the U.S. game saves. So what I did was save the Japanese game, and then save the U.S. games.

What do you do if your ps3 wont read your game disc but your movie disc and is updated?

Make sure the Game disc is not scratched

Do you need a memory card to play GameCube games on the Wii?

No, you do not need one, you just can not save. Also, you need a GameCube controller or classic style Wii remote, because you can not use a pointing Wii remote during the game.

Can you play playstations games on a Xbox 360?

Nope, the 360 wont be able to read the game.

Why wont your halo 3 let you play campaign?

That means your game is scratched or your xbox can't read it.