Is overwatch better than apex legends?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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johnstown school dis...

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Q: Is overwatch better than apex legends?
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Is Apex Legends better than PUBG and Fortnite?

YES 100000000000 times better i am an OCTANE main

Is rise of legends better than rise of nations?

I personally think that rise of legends is better because Microsoft has perfected it more than rise of nations. It also has a overall better gameplay than rise of nations, and they update rise of legends a lot more and with better versions.

Which is better marvel universe or marvel legends?

MARVEL universe is better because they have more heroes than the MARVEL Legends...

Is league of legends better than dark spore?

no league of legends sucks don't play that game

Is the game league of legends better than league of heroes?


Is WWE 2011 better than WWE legends of wrestlemania?

To some people it is and to some its not

What does using the word savage reveal about Jackson purpose?

That he believes he knows better than the American Indians what is good for them. Explanation: APEX

Snob-appeal advertisements work by appealing to?

The desire to be better than other people.

Jenny who goes to Liberty High School thinks her school is much better than Bellevue High Liberty's rival. This is an example of?

In-group bias : apex ;)

New generations are better suited to their environment than the first generation. What is this called?

Descent with modification (Apex)

Who is better kog maw or karthus in league of legends?

Kog'Maw is better for smaller fights. However, Karthus is amazing at teamfights. Your call. Kog'Maw also brings good poke (better than Karthus)

Legends roster in WWE smackdown vs raw 2009?

There sadly are no legends altough if you get "legends of wrestlemania" you can import more than 40 legends