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Satellite internet service is not recommended for online gaming especially first-person shooter type games. Satellite Internet always has a latency (delay) time of approximately half a second and you will never be able to win a competition against an opponent on a regular Internet connection.

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Q: Is satellite Internet service fast enough for online gaming?
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How effective an alternative is satellite internet when DSL is not available?

Satellite internet is a viable alternative to DSL as long as one's internet connection does not require very high speeds (such as the speeds that are needed in a lot of online gaming). Depending on one's location, there may also be usage caps placed on the satellite internet service.

Is satellite internet better than other types of service?

Satellite service's chief benefit is coverage. With a satellite Internet receiver, one can typically get Internet access across the continent or across the world. However, due the the high cost of satellite transponders the bandwidth is much more limited than terrestrial service and is more expensive. In addition, due to the distance the microwave signal must travel, latencies are much higher (on the order of 7 to 13 times higher than DSL for non-LEO service providers). This can make VoIP, video conferencing, and online gaming frustrating.

Can you get Cable Internet with Dish Network and if so is it good for gaming?

You can get Dish Network and cable internet. Be sure to tell your Dish TV installer that you plan on getting cable internet. Also, tell your Cable TV installer you have dish satellite. As far as Cable internet being good for gaming, it depends on the internet speed you get.

What is the best internet service for online gaming?

Most internet service providers are acceptable for online game play. You want to make sure that you are not using a "dial-up" connection. Hughesnet Broadband has been proven to be unreliable for online game play. Whichever internet service provider in your area offers the fastest connection, should be adequate in your gaming needs.

what is ATT Fixed Wireless Internet Service?

Looking for ATT Fixed Wireless Internet Service. Fixed wireless internet is a type of internet service that uses broadcast towers to transmit and receive internet signals in the form of radio waves. A small dish or antenna receives the signals and sends them to a modem, which converts them into the internet service you use to browse the web, send emails and stream TV. ATT Fixed Wireless Internet is very reliable. Unlike satellite internet, it is low-latency, and service is not disrupted by poor weather conditions. That’s why it is a great option for rural telecommuters and businesses as well as for home internet service. You can use fixed wireless internet for gaming, streaming, video conferencing, email, and web browsing. It can also support smart home devices.

What's the best broadband service for gaming?

If you are in an area where you can get it then the best you can get is a fiber optic line. If that is not an option then do with broad band DSL. Satellite is still not reliable.

Can you use internet on a gaming laptop?

yes,we can use internet on a gaming laptop.

Can you have a Satellite Connection for a home business Most of them that I have come in contact with wants DSL or cable?

A satellite Internet connection is fine for most home (1-4 users at the same time) and small business (up 10 users at the same time) needs. As a matter of fact, the only uses NOT recommended are real-time gaming (first person shooters, etc.), real-time rapid stock trading where half of a second makes a big difference (normal buying and selling like of stocks is no problem) and VOIP telephone phone service (like Vonage, etc.). Satellite Internet services will even work with a VPN connection, but the speeds will be slower than normal. Here is the bottom line:If you live in an area where Cable or DSL is an option, then by all means choose one of these over Satellite Internet service. On the other hand, if your current option for Internet serviceis dial-up or nothing then certainly satellite Internet service is the way to go.

If you have Satellite internet because its the only internet you can get can you still make a wireless network for your gaming?

Yes, a wireless router can be used to share internet wirelessly regardless of where the internet is coming from. You should be aware though that a slow connection will only get slower when routed to multiple computers.

How fast is Verizon broadband internet?

Verizon's internet service is more than capable of handling online gaming and watching movies. You will not get any lags with Verizon.

Setting Up The Best Wireless Gaming Router?

A gaming router will allow internet surfers and gamers to share an internet connection at the same time. It's important to understand how lag will impact online gaming performance. Several simultaneous internet users can make gameplay impossible. It's important to set up Quality of Service on a gaming router. QoS allows a user to set different priority levels for different types of internet traffic. Gaming traffic can be prioritized to ensure quality gameplay.

Is satellite high-speed Internet reliable?

For the most part yes. However, in severe weather conditions some interference may occur. The biggest problem with satellite connections is the delay in the signal. The transmission must be sent to geosynchronous satellites which are stationary over 22,000 miles above the earth. In the end the delay is almost a second to go up then back down again and be processed. If you have any other alternative to satellite and you play any sort of latency required online games, get another program. Satellite internet is completely unusable with any sort of gaming and is horrible for gaming.