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First you need to update your minefraft to 1.3.1. If you have done that you need to go into settings and turn cheat/command mode oh

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As of Mon 28 Nov 2011, there is not an updated Single Player Commands mod.

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No, wait for an update.

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Q: Is single player commands working in minecraft 1.0.0?
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Is it a bad idea to have single player commands for Minecraft?


How do you download single player commands to Minecraft?

you have to cyt

What mods do you need to chat in single player on Minecraft?

Single player commands are needed.

How do you change the time in Minecraft?

You get a mod, such a Single Player Commands.

Is single player commands 1.2.3 out yet?

well minecraft 1.2.3 single player is beta so there are no commands hopefully in the next version

How do you do the skycam thing in minecraft?

you can install Single Player Commands and there is a freecam option.

How do you set cobblestone walls in minecraft by using single player commands?

Use //set cobblestone.

How do you clear inventory with single player commands mod for minecraft?

do /clear inventory or just /clear

How do you do commands in Minecraft?

In multiplayer, commands are generally started with a "/" Single player commands have not yet been added, unless you get a mod that has commands, like WorldEdit. They will be added in the next update, 1.3.

How do you hack in items for Minecraft?

Try a mod. You could use InvEdit or SPC (Single Player Commands).

Why can't you install minecraft single player commands?

Have you installed ModLoader and/or deleted the META-INF folder in the minecraft.jar.

Is there a minecraft mod that allows you to control where lightning strikes?

Yes, it's called Single Player Commands (SPC)