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Yes the farmville toolbar is very safe. Also it tells you when your crops have finished! I would get it but i have Google chrome and I'm not sure whether they do it for that browser - can you wright on my wall if they do?

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Q: Is the FarmVille gamebar safe to install?
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If you install the Farmville game bar do you really get 25 Farmville cash?

yes you do my husband and i installed the farmville gamebar and we did receive 25 farville cash. mike and judy mcdonnell

How do you install nightclub city gamebar?

U stuff

How do I get the Farmville gamebar to appear?

Go to the website: and on the left side of the screen, you will see the Game Bar listed. click and follow instructions. Voila! Play Now!

Is it safe to buy Farmville cash?

yes, it is safe to buy farmville cash. It is just another way pay and buy farmville items.

Will the Zynga farmville gamebar appear to all users on your computer?

yes it will. When you download a tool bar it will go into your browser as an add on. But don't worry they wont be able to go onto your farm!

How Farmville work on Facebook?

install it

How do you get farmville to send you messages telling you when your crops are ready to harvest?

You install the FarmVille toolbar from

When do you harvest crop in Farmville?

install the farmville game bar and keep up with yourharvest time

How do you un-install Farmville and then re-install?

How do I re install Farmtown

Is the free FarmVille bot safe?

yes farm ville bot is safe

Where do you find frosmite?

In the miscrit gamebar

How do you get free FarmVille money without waiting?

If you install the farmville toolbar you can get bonus but you cant get free cash without doing anything.