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Well it depends,

minecraft can be a very fun and addictive game, if you don't have it then you should go buy it so can. Sims 3 pets is not a bad game but over 6 million people and approximately 12 million people registered to buy the game.

But In my opinion Minecraft is better :)

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Q: Is the sims 3 pets better than minecraft?
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Is the sims 3 pets better than generations?

This is a matter of opinion. If you like pets (cats, dogs, horses and such) then pets is a good investment. If not, then you could skip Pets and never miss anything that you wanted to do.

What is better the sims 2 pet stories or the sims pets stories?

SIMS 2 pet stories. better graphics, pets and sims. _____________________________________________ That's not true! Sims Pet Stories all the way much better!! we can only find out by seeing what better ing the first and whats bad about the second for example the first one is better because it has more animals and the second has less then the 2nd person but the second has more breed of animals than the first you got the idea

Can you have kids on the sims 2 pets?

In the sims 2 pets for PC i think you can but, sadly, in the consoles you cant. :( I hope that help'ed!

Is eden better than Minecraft?

No, NOTHINGS better than minecraft.

Is The Sims 3 Pets expansion pack better than The Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack?

It depends, because everybody has an opinion, but for me i like traveling to i would choose the world adventures, but my sister likes pets and would rather the pets one. So its a matter of opinion

Which is better My sims or My sims kingdom?

MY sims kingdom is better than that JUNK...

When the Sims 3 pets is coming?

The Sims 3 pets will be called The Sims 3 Unleashed. It will come out on October 1st 2011. The animals are much better than Sims 2 Pets. Here is what is in the game. HORSES (You can ride them, Customize them like you would do with the dogs) CATS DOGS RACCOONS DEER MOOSE FISH SNAKES HAMSTERS BIRDS That's all that was in the trailer. The trailer is on youtube!

How many people can you have in a household in sims 2 PC?

Up to 8 people, or, if you have Pets, a combination of 10 with no more than 8 sims or 6 pets.

Is Minecraft better than Toontown?

Minecraft is better than Toontown when it comes to updates, the cost, the community, and at least what you can do.

Is Sims 3 better than Sims 3 World Adventures on the iPod Touch?

Non, the sims 3 midevil is better than both of them. :P

Can you have more than six people in your family on the sims 3 ps3?

Can you have more than 6 people in your family on sims 3 pets on ps3

Can you have a baby on The Sims 3?

umm, well you'd think so, but i haven't seen any proof that you can. so my guess is no. but if I'm right, I'll be taking the game back lol. you should be able to, because sims 3 is supposed to be better than sims 2, just like sims 2 was better than the sims. you can woohoo in sims 2 and not in the original sims so you can probably have babies in the sims 3 Yes, female sims can get pregnant in sims 3