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If you only play fighting games casually, go play SSF4. If you would actually like to learn a game, that takes time to master, but is also rewarding, and are a long time fan of fighting games, go play KOF XIII.

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Q: King of fighters XIII or super street fighter IV?
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Which street fighter game should you buy street fighter anniversary or capcom vs snk?

That's a matter of opinion. I personally would go for Capcom VS SNK solly because I like Street Fighter & King of Fighters. However if you're more into the classic Street Fighter action, go for the Anniversary.

How many different versions of Street Fighter 2 are there?

There are currently 13 different versions available for the King of Fighters game series. There were also 17 spin-off games from this series. There were also 6 remakes or compilations that related to the King of Fighters series.

What is the ideal leisure activity?

The ideal leisure activity is playing the head-to-head fighting games that were conceived by Takashi Nishiyama. These games are: Street Fighter (1987) Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (1991) The most popular of these games is Fatal Fury: King of Fighters. However, the first of these games you should play is Street Fighter.

How do you unlock Mai in king of fighter wing?

She will be added in king of fighters wing 1.4

Is Street Fighter X Tekken still confirming characters?

Yes, i think so but i don't think not now, the only people that are already in that is Tekken Fighters: Kazuya, Nina, king, Craig marduk, bob, Julia, and hwoarang Street Fighter Fighters: Ryu, Chun- li, ken, guile, abel, cammy and sagat. these are the only confirming characters in the Street Fighter X Tekken. However, there are 14 characters in all so far.

When will king of fighter 1.4 online come out?

king of fighters 1.4 is now available in so you can play it there.

When will King of fighters wing 1.4 come out?

i heard that on game its gonna come soon :) your better off waiting for Street Fighter X Tekken which comes out in 2012 or wait for kof xiii

Are there any female Muay Thai fighter characters in a 2D fighting game?

King, from King Of Fighters/Fatal Fury is the only female (that I know of) Muay Thai fighter in 2d fighting games.

What movie and television projects has Matsuo Matsuo been in?

Matsuo Matsuo has: Played Soldier in "Street Fighter II: V" in 1995. Played Toshiaki Futaya in "Kita e...: Diamond Dust Drops" in 2004. Played Monk in "Rupan sansei: Sebundeizu rapusodei" in 2006. Played Chin Gentsai in "The King of Fighters XII" in 2009. Played Chin Gentsai in "The King of Fighters XIII" in 2010.

How do you download king of fighters 2007?

How do you download king of fighters 2007

What is the company that made King of Fighters?

SNK Playmore made King of Fighters

When did The King of Fighters XI happen?

The King of Fighters XI happened in 2005.