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There is only one car in Animal Crossing ww, and that car would be Gracies. It is a yellowish brownish color and it has tiers and a really looks like any ol' car.

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Q: What does the car on Animal Crossing wild world look like?
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What do the animals in Animal Crossing wild world look like?

All the animals on animal crossing are all different.

What does the moon look like on Animal Crossing Wild World?

A regular moon, it even has phases

What does Pascal look like on animal crossing wild world?

He looks like a red bear with a beanie hat!:)

What do the weeds look like in animal crossing wild world for ds?

They look like two or three strands of grass sticking out of the ground

How do you become an animal in Animal Crossing wild world?

Sorry, but you cannot become an animal in animal crossing. I have that game and you cannot do that. you can sort of look like a rabbit if u buy the bunny hood frm able sisters but aprt frm that, you can't.

What does a coelacanth shadow look like in animal crossing wild world?

In Wild World, the coelacanth shadow is the same size as a sea bass shadow.

How can a person on animal crossing get to look like a ginger?

You have to go to the hairdressers

Do you turn into a animal on animal crossing wild world?

There is no such cheat to enable you to turn into any animal at all. There will be animal residents but you are the only human in the whole town. (Unless your friend visits you from their town)The closest way to look like an animal is to design the shirt (or buy a shirt) and look for facial accessories to look like an animal.

How much are gold roses worth in Animal Crossing Wild World?

If you look in the Animal Crossing Community website, they will say that you will get 2,100 Bells if you sell a gold rose.

What do the animals in Animal Crossing look like?

They look like normal animals here on earth but sometimes can be mixed up.

What does nookingtons look like on animal crossing wild world ds?

A medium sized store, holding more items, but it's not the biggest expansion.

On Animal Crossing wild world do crowns do anything?

The residents say you look cool but apart from that no