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It reappears after defeating the Elite four again.

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Q: What happens to Mewtwo after running from a battle with it in Pokemon X and Y?
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How do you get through cerulene cave in Pokemon heartgold?

you dont you battle mewtwo and get out

In Pokemon battle arena is Mewtwo in special tiles?

No, you find Mewtwo in the Hollow Field with about 0.1%-0.01% chance to find.

What rank do you need to battle mewtwo in Pokemon explorers of sky?

You need the Master *** Rank.

How do you get legendaries on tppc Pokemon online RPG?

get mewtwo in the mewtwo lair and some from the tppc legend and some from the battle towers and from other people.

What level do you catch Mewtwo at?

Mewtwo is at Level 70 when you battle him. You should most likely use you highest level Pokemon that is around level 70.

What are the directions to Mewtwo in Pokemon hg?

First you have to have all eight kanto gym badges then go to cerulean cave basement to find and battle mewtwo

Is Giratina is allowed in the battle frontier?

No. no superpower Pokemon (rayquaza, mewtwo, regigas, groudon, kyogre, etc.) are allowed in the battle frontier.

How do you get mewtwo mega x in Pokemon lake?

In Pokemon Lake click the button that says "Battle" after that click "Megas!". You have to defeat "Garret"

Battle Mewtwo in Pokemon Stadium 2?

VS Mewtwo is not in Pokemon Stadium 2 instead a VS Rival mode was made for the game. The Rival is the rival from Gold, Silver and Crystal officially named Silver.

Can Mewtwo evolve into mewthree?

No, Mewtwo cannot evolve into Mewthree. Mewthree isn't an existing Pokémon however Mewtwo can use a Mega Stone in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y in order to mega evolve during battle into MegaMewtwo.

What happens when a Pokemon uses mean look in a Pokemon battle?

It forces the opponent to stay in the battle with the same Pokemon.

Where do you see Mewtwo on Pokemon Stadium?

To see mewtwo on stadium you have to win all the cups in the stadium and complete the Gym leader castle then after you do that mewtwo will appear flying above the stadium pick him and you have to battle him.After you beat him you unlock the much harder round 2. Win the cups at the stadium and beat the gym leader castle again and you get to battle a much harder mewtwo.