What is sensitivity?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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The ability of an organism, or part of an organism, to detect changes in the environment is termed as sensitivity.

What is microphone sensitivity?

A microphone sensitivity specification tells how much electrical output in millivolts a microphone produces for a certain sound pressure input in dB SPL. If two microphones are subject to the same sound pressure level and one puts out a stronger signal (higher voltage), that microphone is said to have higher sensitivity.

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Q: What is sensitivity?
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What happen to voltage sensitivity if current sensitivity is increase of agalvanometer?

If current sensitivity of a galvanometer is increased, the voltage sensitivity remains the same. Voltage sensitivity depends on the resistance of the galvanometer coil, while current sensitivity depends on the number of turns in the coil. Therefore, changing current sensitivity does not affect voltage sensitivity.

What is sociocultural sensitivity?

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How do you put sensitivity in a sentence?

Her sensitivity makes her unapproachable.

How can sensitivity be in a sentence?

We must be empathetic to the sensitivity of the wounded area.

How can I calculate radiographic sensitivity for ASME?

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What is meaning of Transformer stability and sensitivity?

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What is profit sensitivity analysis?

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Difference between single parameter sensitivity and multiple parameter sensitivity?

Difference between single parameter sensitivity and multiple parameter sensitivity is that in multiple parameter sensitivity,defined parameters cannot be measured with a high degree of accuracy in the field or in the laboratory.

Do familys have the same sensitivity to smell?

Probably. Sensitivity to odors is genetic.

Sensitivity in plural form?

The plural form for the noun sensitivity is sensitivities.

You would want the highest sensitivity you can get.?

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What is sensitivity on modern warfare 2?

It is the speed at which you turn. For example, if your sensitivity is 1 (Low) you will turn slower than if you sensitivity is on 4 (High).