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there is no such a way to pass the missions in the game gta vice city without doing the mission.You need to download the saved files from the internet and copy them to the my documents folder of users file for gta vice city.

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Q: What is the cheat code for pass the mission without doing it in gta vice city for PC?
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What is the cheat to complete a mission in GTA vice city?

sorry,but no cheat is there. you have to do it by your own.

How do you reduce the effect of cheat fightfightfight in gta vice city?

There is no way to reduce the effect of fightfightfight as that cheat cannot be deactivated.You can Just download a saved game from internet from which mission you want to.That will not have the cheat activated.So you can continue doing the missions.

Is their a helicopter cheat for grand theft auto Liberty City?

no there's not a helicopter cheat in gta liberty city stories, you can only have a helicopter as you do a mission i don't no witch number of mission that is

What is the cheat code to stop the mission time in vice city?

To slow down your mission time in GTA vice city -Booooooring type as it is it can help spercially on Demolition man mission for more follow me on twitter @I_am_Zwe for more cheat (Master the game)

Is there a cheat to pass amission in gta vice city?

No,there is not any cheat to pass a mission in Vice city.You can pass a mission by downloading and pasting the saved files of that mission in the users files in the m documents.

How do you get a tank in gta vice city?

You can enter the cheat for PC witch is PANZER or the mission I will find out the cheat for ps2 soon!

What is cheat code of jet plane in gt vice city?

There are no flyable jet planes in GTA Vice City .The only plane that is flyable can be found behind Film Studios. You can find it there after doing the game mission "Dildo Dodo".

Is there a cheat code for mission juju scramble mission in GTA vice city?

no there is not a cheat for that mission .. however you can use cheat codes to win .type in the weapons cheat and use the m4 but when the vans come quickly switch to the minigun and destroy them .. just be quick .. this worked for me.. note :you need to jump on a building with a motor bike to get the best shots

How do you earn money ingrant theaft auto vice city?

There is no typical cheat code, but you can earn money by typing panzer and doing its mission until level 25.You can earn upto 5 lac dollars.

How do you beat the mission shakedown on grand theft auto vice city?

just use the cheat COMEFLYWITHME

Is there a skip mission cheat for GTASA?

no there is no cheat to skip a mission on grand theft auto vice city or liberty city stories but is there a cheat where i can pass a mission

Is their a cheat for a stunt plane for gta vice city on ps2?

No there is no cheat for a stunt plane.You can get the sea plane at the Film studio that you might have used during the dildo dodo mission.