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nobody knows yet. ( exept for the crators of fusionfall ) the nano code will come out soon though.

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Q: What is the code of waybig nano in fusion fall?
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How do you get a Nano Misson in Fusion Fall?

When you have enough fusion matter you will get a nano mission. and its a boss nano mission btw

Where can you get the new nan's on fusion fall?

You mean nano's? Well if you do, you type in the code for any of them in the redeem code box and then like the other redeem code stuff the nano will appear in your inventory.

Is there a alien x nano in fusion fall?

There will be one in fusion fall soon!!!!!!!!!

How do you get demongo nano on fusion fall?

Collect all fusion matter needed, do the nano mission, defeat fusion scotsman!!!

Is alien x a fusion fall nano?

yes it is

Where is johnny test nano in fusion fall?


What are some missions in Fusion Fall?

nano missions

How do you change nanos in fusion falls?

You get your Nanos in Fusion Fall by going to a Nano station.

Where can you find fusion eduardo in fusion fall?

fosters home frankie is there and you can get the cheese nano there to.

How do you get to switch you 4th nano to switch1stor2ndor3rd in fusion fall?

easy just go to a nano station

Where is alien xs nano in fusion fall?

in the petting zoo

How do use nano blossom in fusion fall?

by defeating evil dexter