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when playing offline the only creatures and creations that you will see are those that you have made and those that the company (Maxis) has made.

When playing online you get to see and interact with creatures that other people around the world have made including your own and those mad by Maxis

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Q: What is the difernce between spore online and offline?
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Is internet access required to register Spore after installation?

No, gameplay both online and offline will still work even without registration.

Is spore a online game?


What is the difference between spore makers and seed makers?

Spore makers produce spores, which are small reproductive cells that fungi use for reproduction. Seed makers produce seeds, which are structures containing the plant embryo and stored nutrients for germination. Spores are more commonly found in fungi, while seeds are more commonly found in plants.

Does spore have to be played online?

No, it does not. However, if you want to access the features of registration, sharing, and Youtube, you will have to be online. I recommend being online to share your creations but it is not a necessary. Spore can run without online communications. But you can download the Spore Creature Creator Trial online/on the website, and you can order/preorder the games if you wanted to if you had an account, too. Posting in the Sporum requires an account online, too.

Is there a version of Spore for PC that doesn't require Internet?

The game right out of the box is fully functional offline. The main benefit to playing connected to the Spore servers is that any planets you create will be inhabited with other users created creatures. Also, upon reaching the space stage planets will be inhabited with other users creations. Playing offline means the only inhabitants other than your own creations will be made by Maxis (the creators of Spore).

What is the difference between spore and spore galactic adventures?

Spore ga has a special feature called galactic adventures. But you need spore installed in your computer to get ga!

In spore to use the space stage do you need to be online?


What website can you play spore free online?

You have to download a part of it.

Do you need internet to register spore?

you register it so you can play online.

What is the difference between condia and spore?

What is the difference between conidia and spores

What is difference between spore galactic edition and spore?

The Spore Galactic edition comes with a poster of spore, the strategy guide, the disc and the instruction manual, a special box, and a DvD of Will Wright and National Geographic talking about evolution. The normal spore comes with the disc and the instruction manual.

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