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give it ostrich eggs!

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Q: What treats should you give the Siberian tiger on the roar game?
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What are the treats for the Siberian tiger in the roar game on CBBC?

The first one is ostrich eggs the second is a salt lickim not sure what the third isthe forth is hillsides to howl onthe fifth is a bucket

What are the treats to the Siberian tiger on the roar game?

Ostritch eggs,Salt lick,Football,hillside to howl on and a bucket but there is one more which i dont know of and i dont know the codes,sorry.

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What terrain does the Siberian tiger have in zoo world 2?

It's actually more like a Bengal tiger in the game. Like most of the animals, it doesn't have a specific Terrain that it needs, but it gets its Feeding Bonus from jungle objects, namely the Jungle Tree, Banyan Tree, and Jungle Foliage.

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How do you get a Siberian tiger on roar game?

Siberian Tigers live in the Snow Forest habitat. On the ROAR game you will need to unlock the Siberian Tigers via a Cheat Code. SUN9 Unlocks Siberian Tigers, and Indian Tigers are also avalible (in the habitat Asian Forest). Indian Tigers are unlocked by the code AIR84. Hope it helps :D Also, the latest series of codes; WOOD4 (Forgot what it unlocks) GRASS2 (Forgot what it unlocks) CRYSTAL888 (Habitat named British Countryside, comes with Red Squirrels) GOLD5 (Last enclosure) ROCK9 (I get mixed up with Rock8 and Rock9 one is a Bouncy ball, the other is Fish Cakes.) ROCK8 SAND3 (Otters) :D

What treat to give to Siberian tigers on CBBC Roar game?

it's the tyres

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