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Q: What were the advantages and disadvantages of pals battalions?
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How many pals battalions died in World War I?

All of the Pals Battalions died in world war 1 but 1 of them survived called Mr T.Akins

Which cities had the largest pals battalions?


Why were pals battalions formed?

because they fought in the war

When were pals battalions introduced?

Pals battalions were specially constituted units of the British army. General Sir Henry Rawlinson suggested that men would be more willing to enlist in the Army if they knew that they were going to serve alongside their friends. He appealed to London stockbrokers to raise a battalion of men from workers in the City of London to set an example. 1600 men enlisted in the 10th (Service) Bn Royal Fusiliers, the so-called "Stockbrokers' Battalion", within a week in late August 1914. Lots of people went on to make pals battalions like Liverpool and Kitchener promoted the idea of organizing similar recruitment campaign. By the end of September 1914, over fifty towns had formed Pals battalions, whilst the larger towns and cities were able to form several battalions. Several battalions suffered heavy casualties during the Somme offensives of 1916. With the introduction of conscription in January 1916, further Pals battalions were not sought. Most pal battalions were decimated by the end of 1917/ start of 1918

What is the advantages of pals battalions?

When men from a small area decided to enlist, it was difficult not to enlist too, without being ridiculed or called a coward. The main disadvantage was that whole boys battalions could be wiped out on the battlefield. Many villages and city areas suddenly found that a whole generation was no longer there.

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