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I think you mean Sonic and the Black Knight. 03/03/09 already out

its true. sonic and the black knight is pretty much sonic Final Fantasy 7. P.S the game sux. i have it. it is bad

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it already came out.

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Q: When does sonic Final Fantasy 7 come out?
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When will super sonic final fantasy x 7 come out?

when it will be next month.

When will Final Fantasy Sonic X 7 come out?

i don´t know

Will final fantasy sonic x 7 come out?

yes but its difficult to find

When will final fantasy 7 sonic come out?

The author lost intrest, so even if it comes out it will be like 2013.

Where is Sonic Final Fantasy 7?

in a tree in the east Forrest

Final fantasy sonic x 7?

i think he wont make another sorry if he does I will surely play it

Is there a final fantasy sonic in episode 7?

Yes there is its out now and you can play it.

Were you can found sonic Final Fantasy 7? (best place.)

Is there a final fantasy sonic x episode 7 in 2010?

it doesn't... at least not in 2010

When will final fantasy sonic x 6 come out?

i didin't find out about the released date of final fantasy sonic x episode 6,but it already came out.episode 6 is to me better than any other episode of final fantasy sonic x 6,and,in episode 6 tails and knuckles have advance form without it,they could've been dead(as what X said)episode 7 will be released soon.

Is there a final fantasy sonic x episode 7 in 2008?

two camels in a tiny car

What are the digits in Final Fantasy 7?

Final Fantasy 7 is written as Final Fantasy VII.