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1. can be bought from other players/grand exchange

2. can be bought from runecrafting guild (requires runecrafting lvl 50)

3. as a monster drop (wizard, dark wizard, imp)

if you just need to access the water alter you can also use a water staff (can be bought from staff shop in varrock plaza) or a water tiara

EDIT by Hatman621:

NO, you can't use water staff, but water talisman staff, you can.

TO get water talisman staff, you need to have 50 runecrafting and have to go inside the runecrafting guild.

You would need 10,000 runecrafting tokens, earned from runecrafting and a water talisman. BUY the talisman staff off the wizard in red, then combine the talisman and staff, and you would get a water talisman staff.

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Q: Where can you get water talismans on rune scape?
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