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Missing Muffins Quest

25 quest points



Talk to Accalia on Hotton isle to start the quest. She will tell you that her new kitten; Muffins, has gone missing and you offer to help search for her missing kitten. She the proceeds to tell you to search for clues as to the location of her kitten around her house.

Use your magnifying glass to search on the left side of her house: "Peering down at the ground, you see tiny tracks made by bounding kitten feet. Hmm... They seem to be leading to the south."

Return to Accailia's cabin and tell her of the clue you have discovered. She will realise that her kitten was playing in the orange trees and ask one more favour of you. She asks you to go look for her kitten in the orange orchard south of Hotton. You agree.

You won't need a magnifying glass here just wander around the orange trees until you find here. When you find the kitten talk to her. After you have spoken to her return to Accalia to tell her her kitten is safe.

Accalia is relieved and rewards you.

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Q: Where do you find Accalia lost kitten on HorseIsle?
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