Where is the Fan boat in Sims Urbz?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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If you have talked to Gordie it will apear.

Where the stairs are in Glasstown when you go up the ramp from Sim Quarter into Glasstown. The stairs by the City Apartment go down them and it will be there x

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Q: Where is the Fan boat in Sims Urbz?
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Where is the boat in sims the urbz for ds?

Which boat? Pepper Peats or the boat that you can travel on? that's all the boats i know hope this helps.

What is Urbz Sims?

Hello guys. Urbz Sims is a game for like ds and stuff.

Who do you get the boat from on Sims urbz in the city DS?

Go in the University, and go left. You should see a sleeping guy with a ! over his head. He has the boat.

Where can you buy The Urbz?

The Urbz is an old version of The Sims and you can't find The Urbz easily because they are replaced with The Sims. The Sims is just as much fun if not, even better. i have The Sims it's great but if your so desperate for that exact game, try finding it on eBay.

Whats the game ID for the sims urbz ds?

The Game ID for The Urbz: Sims in the Cityis 65756483. (I'm 99.999999999999999% sure)| | || | || | |____ |_____ _____\ | | | | /\___________/ | |_____| /____

Can you have babies on sims urbz for gamecbe?

No, ....No matter what game system for Urbz You cannot have a baby

How do you buy stuff in Urbz Sims?

you don't

Can you go to jail on sims urbz?


In urbz sims in the city how can The Sims leave sims quarter?

I think you have to keep doing the missions.

Is there another game like Sims Urbz?

The Sims Bustin Out but it's not as good.

How do you Feed People In The Sims Urbz?

Estate from fridge

How do you train pets on the urbz sims in the city?

you cant